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Crab Tree

The Crabtree Watershed is located in northwest Oregon in Linn County. The watershed is 100,022 acres in size and extends from the confluence of Crabtree Creek with the South Santaim River, five miles east of the city of Albany, to about 30 miles east into the Cascades Mountains. The Crabtree Watershed includes the communities of Crabtree and LaComb. The watershed is located within the Willamette Valley and Western Oregon Cascades Physiographic Provinces.

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Crab Tree Watershed Analysis (PDF) Complete document

Map Title Number
Location Map (PDF) Map 1
Ownership (PDF) Map 2
BLM Land Use Allocations with Riparian Reserves/FPA Buffers (PDF) Map 3
BLM Land Use Allocations (PDF) Map 4
Sub-Watershed Basins (PDF) Map 5
Vegetation Cover Type (PDF) Map 6
Vegetation Age (PDF) Map 7
Seral Stage (PDF)
Map 8
Spotted Owl Habitat/Critical Habitat/Land Use Allocations (PDF) Map 9
Transportation (PDF) Map 10
Stream Order (PDF) Map 11
Stream Flow (PDF) Map 12
Fish Presence (PDF) Map 13
Hill Shade (PDF) Map 14
Precipitation Zones/Slope Stability Hazard (PDF) Map 15
Digital Elevation Model (PDF) Map 16
County Zoning (PDF) Map 17
Rural Interface Areas with Visual Resource Management Classification (PDF) Map 18
Special Management Areas (PDF) Map 19
Off-Highway Vehicle Designated Areas with OHV Road Status (PDF) Map 20
BLM Land Use Allocations with Visual Resource Management Classification (PDF) Map 21
Proposed Land Use Allocation Changes (PDF) Map 22
Buzzard Butte Special Management Area (PDF) Map 23