Sandy River Basin Plan

Sandy River Basin Integrated Management Plan Environmental Assessment

Sandy River Corridor.
Photo by Josh Kling/Western Rivers Conservancy.

The Sandy River Basin Integrated Management Plan Environmental Assessment was released on August 28th, 2008. The public was invited during a 30-day comment period that closed on September 26th , 2008.

For a CD copy of the EA, contact the Salem District Office. The EA can also be found online.

For easier downloading, here is the EA by chapter:

Chapters 1 and 2 (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction and Background provides an introduction to the planning area and background on the SRBIMP planning process. The chapter identifies the purpose and need for management action, management goals and objectives and land use allocations within the planning area.

Chapter 2: Alternative Development describes in detail the four management plan alternatives that were developed and evaluated in this environmental assessment.

Chapters 3 and 4 (PDF)

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Affected Environment analyzes the affected environment including current biological, recreational and socioeconomic conditions within the planning area.

Chapter 4: Environmental Effects assesses the impacts of each alternative on the resources described in Chapter 3.

Chapter 5 (PDF)

Chapter 5: Proposed Recreation Plans describes proposed facility and trail design plans for recreation development.

For further information about BLM’s Sandy River Basin Plan contact:

Zachary Jarrett, Cascades Outdoor Recreation Planner
E-mail: zachary_jarrett@blm.gov or call: 503-375-5610

Cindy Enstrom, Cascades Field Office Manager
(503) 315-5969