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Yamaha LSR Enhancement/Aquatic Restoration Project EA/FONSI


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Environmental Assessment OR 080 06-18 Planning in Progress
This environmental assessment (EA) discloses the predicted environmental effects of six projects on federal and private land located in Township 14 South, Range 7 West, Sections 13, 14, 15, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 36 and Township 14 South, Range 6 West, Section 19 Willamette Meridian and within the Upper Alsea River Watershed.  Project 1 (LSR Enhancement) is a proposal to hasten the development of late-seral wildlife habitat stand structure on approximately 159 acres of early and mid-seral forest land.  Project 2 (Young Stand Enhancement) is a proposal to promote late-seral forest conditions on approximately 23 acres within a 20 year old stand by variable density management.  Project 3 (Snag/CWD Creation & Large Tree Release) is a proposal to create large, hard snags and CWD structure which is lacking in the project area and to release the largest trees with the fullest crowns in selected mid and late-seral stands.  Project 4 (Large Woody Debris Placement) is a proposal to enhance approximately 5 miles of fish and aquatic habitat by the placement of conifer trees and logs into streams.  Project 5 (Trout Creek County Road Culvert Replacement) is a proposal to replace two existing concrete culverts on Road 14-7-22 with an arched pipe culvert that would reduce sediment from entering a stream and eliminate a barrier to fish migration.  Project 6 (South Mountain County Road Improvement) is a proposal to improve road drainage (installing ditches, water run-outs and culverts) and infrastructure (placement of approximately six inch lift of rock) to 3.5 miles of the South Mountain County Road, thereby reducing erosion run-off and improving water quality. The actions would occur within Late-Successional Reserve (LSR) and Riparian Reserve (RR) Land Use Allocations (LUA).
Salem District Office
(503) 315-5949
Resource Area: Marys Peak
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture, Riparian/Aquatic/Fisheries
Download: sdo_yamaha_lsr.pdf
Document Publish Date
10/18/2007 - 11/16/2007

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