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Fiscal Year 2007/2008 Programmatic Timber Salvage EA Project


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Finding of No Significant Impact OR-080-07-07 Planning in Progress
Abstract: This EA (environmental assessment) discloses the predicted environmental effects of one project on federal land located within multiple sections of Benton, Lane, Lincoln and Polk Counties. On December 14, 2006, a severe storm brought unusually heavy rains and strong winds to the Oregon Coast Range and the Willamette Valley, causing trees to blow down in various locations within the Marys Peak RA (Resource Area). The project proposes to remove a portion of these trees to reduce the risk of population build-up in bark beetles, the resulting infestation of adjacent healthy trees, as well as reduce the likelihood of fire killing the remaining live trees by meeting a need to reduce high surface fuel loadings. The project would provide access to permittees, the public and for administrative purposes by removing trees that have fallen across roads. The project would also produce a sustainable supply of timber to provide jobs and economic stability, while reducing the potential removal of wood fiber due to firewood and/or timber theft and also improve feasibility for tree planting. The actions would occur within LSR (Late-Successional Reserve), RR (Riparian Reserve), Matrix and AMA (Adaptive Management Area) LUAs (Land Use Allocations). This document will serve as a programmatic document to cover future salvage sales throughout the RA. It will establish project design features, mitigation measures, etc., programmatically. As long as sales are designed to meet the criteria and measures herein, they will be allowed to proceed. Maps of each sale and an annual table of salvage areas (ie. Table 1) will be attached to this document to provide a record of where the activities are planned and for monitoring purposes.
Salem District Office
(503) 315-5949
Resource Area: Marys Peak
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture
Download: sdo_07protimsalvage.pdf
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