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The District’s northern boundary is the Columbia River and its southern boundary lies halfway between Salem and Eugene. From east to west the District stretches from the crest of the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean.

Seventy three percent of Oregon’s population lives within the boundaries of the Salem District. The District manages its forests for recreation, wildlife, lumber production, and more. Sightseeing, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, cutting fire wood, and collecting mushrooms are just a few of the activities Oregonians enjoy on Salem BLM lands.

The Salem BLM uses an ecosystem land management approach. Salem employs 150 foresters, land surveyors, wildlife biologists, hydrologists, fish biologists, botanists, outdoor recreation planners, civil engineers, computer specialists, fire managers, law enforcement officers, and other specialists to manage BLM lands in the Salem District.

District Programs

Special Forest Products

Special Forest Products

Special Forest Products (SFP) is a term used to describe some of the vegetative material found on public lands that can be harvested for recreation, personal use, or as a source of income. They include grasses, seeds, roots, bark, berries, mosses, greenery (fern fronds, salal, huckleberry, etc.), edible mushrooms, tree seedlings, transplants, poles, posts, and firewood. Trees or logs that contain sawtimber are not considered SFP.

The Special Forest Products (SFP) program is a program that is important to both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and to the public it serves - the people of the United States. The program provides the public with the opportunity to harvest SFP for recreation, personal use, or as a source of income. In addition, it establishes policy and direction for these resources, enabling the BLM to more effectively manage and regulate the harvest of SFP, thus protecting the resources and reducing possible environmental impacts.