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Umpqua River Segment 3 - Gravel Bin to Bogus Creek
Segment #3

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Length: 5 River Miles Float Time: 2 Hours

Avoid Floating 6 pm to 10 am, July 1-14
and completely from July 15 - October 31

Renowned for its excellent summer steelhead fly-fishing opportunities, the Gravel Bin to Bogus river segment provides a unique challenge to anglers from all over the world. Popular since the early 1900's, fly fishing for the elusive summer steelhead is the primary use of this segment from July through October. To protect the fly angling experience, floaters should avoid this segment from 6 pm to 10 am July 1 through July 14, and completely from July 15 through October 31 each season. The segment has one Class III rapid and five Class II+ rapids. Gravel Bin and Bogus Creek launch sites both have ample parking and turn-around space.

Twenty six fishing holes line the water's edge where Steamboat pours into the North Umpqua. These pools have lured expert anglers from around the world.

PHOTO - Fly Fisher

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Mott bridge built by CCC in 1936

Segment I Rapids
Class III and above
Class 3 rapid iconSteamboat River center after passing Steamboat Creek. Follow current down long channel, then maneuver to river left and drop down center of the falls.
*Classifications, names of segment rapids and suggested approaches are adapted with permission from the Backpeddlers Guide to the North Umpqua River, by Ralph Corliss and Richard Chase, Walk on Water Publishing, Glide, Oregon.

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