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Umpqua River Segment 2 - Horseshoe to Gravel Bin
Segment #2
Length: 7 River Miles Float Time: 2-3 Hours

Avoid Floating 6 pm to 10 am, July 1 - October 31

For whitewater exhilaration, this is the segment for adventurers. This segment offers the best whitewater experience on the river. There's never a dull moment with the Class IV Pinball rapid and eight Class III rapids. This segment has an average vertical drop of more than 30 feet per river mile. Horseshoe Bend launch site is located at the beginning of this segment, and Gravel Bin launch site is at the end. Parking for whitewater boaters is limited at Horseshoe, so plan ahead to shuttle to your selected take-out site.

Photograph below of people rafting down Segment 2 of the North Umpqua. This is the segment for adventurers.

PHOTO - People rafting down Segment 2

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Segment 2 Rapids - Class III and above
Class 3 rapid iconToilet Bowl Right side of river as you pass small rocky island. Line up with river center and maneuver left of large rock off right bank.
Class 3 rapid iconFrogger I River right, follow flow as it bends to left.
Class 3 rapid iconFrogger III Straight down "V" in river center.
Class 3 rapid iconRollout Right center. Pass to left of large solitary rock. Continue down current avoiding large pour-over at bottom in river center.
Class 3 rapid iconAfrican Queen
(Eiffle Tower)
River right, passing left of large solitary rock. Follow main flow as it bends to left, keep boat straight as you drop into big hole.
Class 4 rapid iconPinball River left, past the house-sized rock. Quickly move to river right and cut back left between two rocks and exit down river center. Scouting can be done from left bank after island. Caution: before approaching Pinball, you encounter Cliff Drop (Alligator), a 30° angled wave halfway down the entrance to Pinball that can flip unsuspecting boaters.
Class 3 rapid iconHeadknocker Moe River right center down a 5' drop.
Class 3 rapid iconHeadknocker Curly River right and follow flow as it bends to left bank. Drop down narrow chute.
Class 3 rapid iconSilk's Hole Right center, drop down center "V".
*Classifications, names of segment rapids and suggested approaches are adapted with permission from the Backpeddlers Guide to the North Umpqua River, by Ralph Corliss and Richard Chase, Walk on Water Publishing, Glide, Oregon.

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