USDA - Forest Service Bureau of Land Management
River Courtesy
  • When preparing for your launch, keep the launch site clear for others until your group is ready to launch.
  • Please do not park in designated camping areas.
  • When floating, consider the best way to approach other river users, so your presence and actions do not affect their experience.
  • Be alert to the possibility of preventing an angler from hooking a fish by keeping the paddles out of the water and respond to the angler's signals.
  • Try to hold your position upstream when approaching an angler who has a fish hooked.
  • Recognize hand signals used by anglers.
  • When launching or landing your craft, please be courteous to shore users. Respect campers and private property.

Floating Guidelines

The entire Wild and Scenic River Corridor is managed for multiple recreation experiences, however, there are recommended guidelines that public boaters are asked to follow. These guidelines are intended to promote positive encounters between anglers and boaters.

Month Fishing/Rafting Overlap Potential RECOMMENDED FLOATING GUIDELINES
May Light None
June Light to Moderate None
SEGMENTS 1, 2, 4, & 5 (6pm - 10am)
SEGMENT 3: Gravel Bin to Bogus

July 1 - 14 (6pm - 10am)
July 15 - October 31 (24 hours daily)
November-April Light None
Angler Courtesy
  • Let the angler who first arrives at the pool finish fishing without interference.
  • Share the water. After a reasonable time on a pool, either have the waiting anglers join you, ask them to pass through and fish below, or vacate the pool in favor of them.
  • Allow fellow anglers room so their casts and drifts are free from interference and fish are not disturbed.
  • Pull your line out of the water when another angler hooks a fish near you.
  • Use hand signals to show boaters the way to pass the hole you are fishing.
  • Exercise caution when fishing narrow passages, watch for floaters.
  • Take used leaders, monofilament and other refuse with you when you leave the river.

Download the North Umpqua Wild and Scenic River Brochure

PHOTO - Spawning Salmon

PHOTO - Man fishing on the river

Spawning Chinook Salmon Angler