North Umpqua Trail

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Planning Your Trek

The North Umpqua Trail offers 12 primary trailheads which provide parking and access to segments varying from 3.5 to 15.7 miles in length. For campgrounds nearest the trailhead, check the segment maps on this website or in the brochure. Primitive camping along the trail is allowed but it is recommended in locations out of view from other trail users. Mott is the only trailhead with drinking water.

Natural occurrences such as slides, forest fires, fallen trees, and snow pack affect trail users. Contact the offices listed on the Contact Information page for current trail conditions.


The difficulty level of a trail is determined by the challenge it presents to the physical ability of the average hiker.



Physical Image Description What Image Means on Brochure
Signs (white) with Lettering (black) Highway, Road
Large Hiker (brown) Illustration Primary Trailhead
Small Hiker (black) Illustration Other Trail Access Point
Thick, dashed line (brown) North Umpqua Trail
Thin, dashed line (green) Other Trail
Circle (brown) with number (white) Interest Area
Squares (black or blue) with tent (white) Illustration Developed Campground (blue indicates disabled accessible)
Tent Illustration (green) Dispersed Campsite (limited facilities)
Squares (black or blue) with Picnic Table Illustration Picnic/Day-Use Area
Man Riding Horse (black) Horse Camp
Little House with Flag Illustration (black) USFS Ranger Station
Rectangle (white) Wilderness Area


Physical Image Description What Image Means on Brochure
Squares (blue) with Hiker and Handicap (white) Illustration Trail
Squares (blue or black) with Man and Woman Illustration (white) Restroom
Squares (blue or black) with Picnic Table Illustration (white) Picnic/Day-Use Area
Squares (blue or black) with Tent Illustration (white) Campground
Squares (black) with Running Faucet Illustration (white) Drinking Water

NOTE: Blue Symbols indicate sites with accessible facilities for people with disabilities