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Photo Gallery

The North Umpqua River corridor begins 22 miles east of Roseburg on State Highway 138. The North Umpqua Scenic Byway offers views of breathtaking scenery and a variety of recreational activities including world class fly-fishing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, hiking, scenic waterfalls, mountain biking, horseback riding, watchable wildlife, and many camping opportunities.

Fishing from bank near confluence of Rock Creek on the No. Umpqua River Fisherman holding 18 lb. steelhead fish, caught near Swiftwater Morning mist in forest above the North Umpqua River
No. Umpqua River at Susan Creek Raft take-out Salmon in North Umpqua River Misty Morning on the North Umpqua River, by Joe Howell
Rattlesnake Rock towers above the No. Umpqua River Elevation Rock towers above the No. Umpqua River Colorful fall vegetation along the North Umpqua River - Dealline Falls
Summer foilage at confluence of Rock Cr. on the No. Umpqua River Steelhead jumping Deadline Falls on the No. Umpqua River Watchable Wildlife viewing site above Deadline Falls on the No. Umpqua River
Rafters on No. Umpqua River by Sun Country Tours Brave Kayaker going over Deadline Falls on No. Umpqua River Inflatable Kayaker Ladies on No. Umpqua River
FlyFishing on the North Umpqua River Emerald Green waters with FlyFisherman casting
Fisherman with 30 lb. Salmon taken by Swiftwater on No. Umpqua River Sign stating Fly Fishing only along the No. Umpqua River