The Viewpoint

China Ditch Road Sign

As you drive up the road you will notice some signs explaining the fire of 1987 that consumed thousands of acres of timber. After learning about the fire, you end up at the viewpoint. From here you can see the fine line of the ditch following the contour of the mountain while still dropping at a perfect one-percent slope. Although the ditch is hard to see at times in the clearcut underbrush, it still is clearly visible in the deep forests of North Myrtle.

China Ditch View from viewpoint

From this viewpoint you can see the ditch. Although it may seem insignificant from a distance, the task of digging the ditch by hand for a distance of 26 miles was a difficult undertaking, especially in the Oregon backcountry. The trail is the next stop, where a walk on the ditch can help one understand the importance of such a landmark.

Virtual Tour

China Ditch Tour Map

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