The Hydraulic Pipe

China Ditch Hydraulic Pipe

The first thing a visitor sees on the tour is a sign that welcomes them to the China Ditch. A little farther is another sign and to the left of that sign is a hydraulic pipe in the side of the hill (see picture). This is the first stop of the ditch tour. The pipe was manufactured in 1890. Farther up the hill, the pipe ends and a ditch will begin. This is one of the most visible parts of the ditch and is well preserved. There are two flumes with three visible notches in the timber. The ditch continues approximately 1 1/2 miles before it meets a creek and ends. This ditch section is not actually part of the China Ditch, but is still very interesting. Across the road, on the other side is an area that was worked with a hydraulic giant.

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