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Warm Springs Falls
Type of Falls: Block Trail Length: 0.3 mile - Rating: Easy

Columns of basalt are continuously pounded as this waterfall thunders over the 70-foot drop into the pool below. The trail ends above the falls. There is no access to the base of the falls. Use caution nearing the edge of the bluffs, there are no guardrails.


At milepost 72.8 on Hwy. 138, turn north on to Road 2610, going approximately 6 miles. After the dam, stay left on Road 2610, proceeding approximately 3 miles to Road 680. Turn left and proceed 1.7 miles to the beginning of Warm Springs Trail #1499.

Nearby Attractions

Lemolo Falls, Lemolo Lake Resort, Poole Creek Campground. Managed by Diamond Lake Ranger District, USFS

Warm Springs Falls Warm Springs Falls
Warm Springs Falls

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