Thundering Waters - Oregon Cascade Falls User Guide
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Resident Plants and Animals

Fawn Lily - Photo credit: Dave LinesThe micro-climate of waterfall areas provides a rich environment for an abundance of plants. The plants shown are typical of waterfall environments identified in this brochure.

Mosses, ferns and wildflowers are delicate. Please stay on trails. Take only photographs and leave all plants to be enjoyed by future visitors.

Shooting Star - Photo credit: Dave LinesVegetation associated with rivers and streams provides habitat for a variety of animals. Look for a dipper bobbing up and down in a stream, or an osprey flying overhead.

Osprey - Photo credit: Ron MaertzAlthough you may not see them, many birds using riparian areas can be identified by their song. Listen for the flute-like sounds of the hermit thrush.

Take the opportunity to observe the plant and animal species found in waterfall and riparian environments, but please do not disturb them.

Salamander - Photo credit: ODFW

Pacific Treefrogs - Photo credit: Gregg Morgan

Hemlock Falls Hemlock Falls
Hemlock Falls
American Dipper - Photo credit: USFWS

Maidenhair Ferns - Photo credit: Ron Murphy

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