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Moon Falls
Type of Falls: Fan Trail Length: 0.5 mile - Rating: Easy

This spectacular 125-foot waterfall ranges from a plunging torrent during the spring rains to a lacy cascade in the summer. Moon Falls is located in the Layng Creek Watershed, the municipal water supply for the city of Cottage Grove. Please protect water quality by adhering to regulations of no camping and no swimming.


From I-5 at Cottage Grove (Exit 174), travel east on Row River Road 19.4 miles to junction of Layng Creek Road (#17) and Brice Creek Road (#2470/22). Turn left on Layng Creek Road (#17), traveling 9.0 miles to gravel Road #1790. Turn right and continue 0.3 mile to Road #1702. Turn left, traveling 2.8 miles to Road 1702-728. Follow Road 1701-728 for 0.3 mile before turning left on Road 1702-203. Continue 0.1 mile to trailhead. Moon Falls Trail #1423 leads to the base of the falls.

Nearby Attractions

Rujada Camp, Spirit Falls. Managed by Cottage Grove Ranger District, USFS

Moon Falls Moon Falls
Moon Falls

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