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Plan Maintenance

The Roseburg ROD/RMP was approved in June 1995. Since that time, the Roseburg District has implemented the plan across the entire spectrum of resources and land use allocations. As the plan is implemented, it sometimes becomes necessary to make minor changes, refinements, or clarifications of the plan which may take the form of maintenance actions. Maintenance actions respond to minor data changes and incorporation of activity plans and are limited to further refining or documenting a previously approved decision incorporated in the plan. Plan maintenance will not result in expansion of the scope of resource uses or restrictions or change the terms, conditions and decisions of the approved resource management plan. Maintenance actions are not considered a plan amendment and do not require the formal public involvement and interagency coordination process undertaken for plan amendments. Important plan maintenance will be documented in the Roseburg District Planning Update and Roseburg District APS. Two examples of possible plan maintenance issues that would involve clarification may include the level of accuracy of measurements needed to establish Riparian Reserve widths and measurement of coarse woody debris. Much of this type of clarification or refinement involves issues that have been examined by the Regional Ecosystem Office and contained in subsequent instruction memos from the BLM Oregon State Office. Depending on the issue, not all plan maintenance issues will necessarily be reviewed and coordinated with the Regional Ecosystem Office or Provincial Advisory Committee. Plan maintenance is also described in the Roseburg District Resource Management Plan Record of Decision, page 79.