Activity Plans

Activity plans provide specific direction for on-the-ground implementation of the Resource Management Plan over a discreet management unit, such as livestock grazing allotments, Wild Horse Herd Management Areas, Special Recreation Management Areas, and wildlife management areas. Types of completed Activity Plans include Wild Horse Herd Area Management Plans, Allotment Management Plans, Special Recreation Management Area Plans, and Habitat Management Plans.

Activity Planning Efforts in Progress

South River Resource Area

  • Formosa Mine Administrative Record File Index (PDF)
  • Formosa Mine: Focused Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for Formosa 1 Adit (PDF) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is assisting the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in investigating options to replace a failing acid mine drainage (AMD) collection and treatment system, and open a portal that has been plugged since mine closure in 1994 near Riddle, Douglas County, Oregon. The overall goal of the project is to control, treat, reduce, or eliminate uncontrolled releases of hazardous constituents (metals and acidity) from Formosa 1 Adit discharge, thereby minimizing human and ecological risk exposure.
  • South River FY 2009 Commercial Thinning (PDF) - The South River Field Office, Roseburg District, Bureau of Land Management has initiated analysis for the commercial thinning in the Olalla Creek-Lookingglass Creek and Middle South Umpqua River fifth-field watersheds. The proposed action is treatment of approximately 462 acres in the Timber Management and Riparian Management Area land use allocations, and 803 acres in the Late-Successional Management Area land use allocation.
  • South Umpqua Harvest Plan (PDF) - The South River Field Office, Roseburg District, Bureau of Land Management has initiated analysis of an integrated timber management plan for the South Umpqua River fifth-field watershed in the South Umpqua Watershed Harvest Plan Environmental Assessment. The proposed action under analysis consists of: regeneration harvest of approximately 236 acres in the General Forest Management Area land use allocation; commercial thinning and density management on approximately 897 acres in the General Forest Management Area and Connectivity/Diversity Block land use allocations, including density management in associated Riparian Reserves; and density management on approximately 574 acres allocated as Late-Successional Reserve.

Activity Planning Efforts in Implementation

South River Resource Area

  • Canyon Mountain Communication Site Plan (PDF) - The Canyon Mountain Communication Site, hereinafter called CMCS, located on the top of Canyon Mountain, near the city of Canyonville in Douglas County, Oregon. The BLM controls the use of the road except for a portion owned by a private landowner. This gated road provides access to the intermingled private and public forest lands and to the CMCS.

Swiftwater Resource Area