Special Forest Products

What are Special Forest Products?

Special Forest Products (SFP) is a term used to describe some of the vegetative material found on public lands that can be harvested for recreation, personal use, or as a source of income. They include juniper boughs, seeds, roots, bark, berries, poles, posts, and firewood. Trees or logs that contain saw-timber are not considered SFP.

Why have a Special Forest Products Program?

The Special Forest Products (SFP) provides the public with the opportunity to harvest SFP for recreation, personal use, or as a source of income. It also establishes policy and direction for these resources, enabling the BLM to more effectively manage and regulate the harvest of SFP, thus protecting the resources and reducing possible environmental impacts.

Current Projects

woodcutting photo

Millican Road Juniper Woodcutting Area - Unit #5

Prineville District will be opening up a juniper firewood cutting area along Millican Road, south of the Prineville Airport on May 1, 2016. The unit will be open until November 30, 2016, or until the wood supply is depleted. Please see the attached regulations and maps for more information. Special cutting rules can be found in the USFS/BLM Firewood Synopsis.