Redmond Caves Recreation Area Trail Use

Redmond Caves photo

The Prineville BLM will be managing the Redmond Caves area for foot traffic only with parking and an entrance on SW Airport Way.

The area is flat and covered with scattered juniper trees, sagebrush and rabbitbrush. Visitors to the area can take a short, 3/4 - 1/2 mile hike around the parcel and explore the five caves.

  • Hiking only

Redmond Caves is a unique site where visitors can learn about geology, wildlife, and past human use. While some caving groups have given the individual caves names, most academic and archaeological groups refer to the caves by number as shown on the Redmond Caves Map (PDF):

Cave 1—The largest cave opening, with the highest roof, located in the center of the site.
Cave 2—A very small and shallow entrance tube that is present as a surface feature, located to the northwest of Cave 1
Cave 3—A long section of lava tube, with a southern and northern opening.
Cave 4—A short section of lava tube with very low ceiling, located at the south end of the site, visible from Airport Avenue.

Cave 5—A very small and shallow cave opening, located immediately east of Cave 4.

Resources of Interest

UO field school

Visitors to the Redmond Caves Recreation Area can see and learn about a variety of unique and interesting resources when they visit these caves including:

Know Before You Go

Follow this link to learn what you need to know about the rules to safely experience this unique cave system.

Access and Directions are available here.