Redmond Caves Recreation Area Planning

Redmond Caves photo

Over the past fifty years, proposals for the use of the site have been creative and diverse. At the height of the Cold War, the caves were proposed for use as a fallout shelter in the event of an atomic attack; farmers from Madras looked at the site as a possible mushroom farm; and, the Deschutes County Historical Society even received a proposal to develop their offices in the caves themselves.

In the mid-1990s, the Prineville BLM and City of Redmond formed a partnership to cooperatively manage the Redmond Caves site. This partnership was central to funding archaeological surveys and other site surveys to support management decisions for the area.

In 2005, the BLM completed the Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan, which provides objectives for managing the Redmond Cave area, including:

  • Protecting and maintaining the biologic, cultural, and geologic features of the caves,
  • Working with the City of Redmond to pursue the development of the area into a "natural community park" and to interpret the important features of the area, and
  • Providing recreation appropriate to management of the caves through the use of marked foot trails, designated parking and fencing