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Tumalo Canal Trail Use Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Tumalo Canal Trail Use Area

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Tumalo Canal Historic Area (TCHA) is located south of private lands on the southern butte, between Cline Falls Highway and Barr Road. Most of the TCHA was designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern in 2005 to protect, preserve and interpret the old irrigation canals that are part of a much larger system developed in the early 1900s to help with land sales and settlement in Central Oregon.

Visitors to the TCHA can experience a mixture of basalt outcrops, gentle hillsides, and a large flat and relatively open valley bottom at the southern end of the area. In contrast to a prominent basalt hardscape feature that runs north-south in the TCHA, the southern portion is made up of very soft and sandy soils, and open expanses of sagebrush and rabbitbrush. Old-growth juniper woodlands exist in the area, particularly in the northern, rockier areas; a number of large ponderosa pine trees are located in the northern portion of the area as well.

hiking biking horseback riding
  • 8.5 miles of pedestrians only trails on the northwest side of the area
  • 1.25 miles of mountain biking trails looping off of the South Canal Boundary Road
  • 2 miles of shared use along the South Canal Boundary Road
  • 3.25 miles of equestrian trails on the southeastern side of this area

Trail Use

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The overall TCHA area will include opportunities for hikers, bikers and equestrian users. In addition, the area will have hiking-only trails within the ACEC boundary located on the relic canals and trails that use either existing roads or new trail construction to form loops or reach high points for scenic views. A trail crossing is also proposed to allow non-motorized trail users to cross Cline Falls Highway between the Tumalo Historic Area and the Maston Area.

Private property borders the north and south edges of the area. Please be respectful of fence lines and property signs as you explore this area.

Resources of Interest

The TCHA provides unique opportunities to see and learn about some of Central Oregon's settlement history. In addition to viewing some of the natural resources and views around you, check out these other resources of interest.

The Columbia Southern Irrigation System

Historical Highlights

Know Before You Go

  • The canal berms, concrete works and associated wood structures are cultural/historic resources. Please leave these features intact for others to observe and appreciate.
  • Private property lies to the north and south of the area. Please be a good neighbor and respect private property boundaries, fences, and gates.

Access and Directions are available here.