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Oregon / Washington

Tumalo Canal Historic Area Access and Directions

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

Access into the TCHA is currently available from several locations at the south end of Barr Road, near Gerking Market Road.

These locations include:

  • a gate at the South Boundary Road, located on the east side of Barr Road, approximately 760 feet south of Gerking Market Road (non-motorized trail access)
  • a gate on the east side of Barr Road at Gerking Market Road for pedestrian access (there is space for approximately 5 vehicles to park here)
  • a gate on the east side of Barr Road, approximately 1/4 mile north of Gerking Market Road (pedestrian access only)
  • a gate at the intersection of Bennett Road and Barr Road, approximately 1.5 miles north of Gerking Market Road (pedestrian access only)
  • the Tumalo Canal Trailhead, located on the west side of Barr Road immediately north of Gerking Market Road

There are a variety of locations to park alongside Barr Road south of Gerking Market Road. Tumalo Canal Trailhead is available for unloading of horse trailers and non-motorized access to the trail system. It is not available for OHV unloading or access to the OHV trail system. OHV access is provided at the Barr North Trailhead, located on Barr Road just south of State Highway 126.

A new Tumalo Canal Trailhead will be located just north of the existing parking area and provide parking for approximately 16 horse trailers.


The area can be reached by turning west from Cline Falls Hwy on Barr Road, then travelling 1.7 miles north on Barr Road to reach existing parking areas and gates.