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Southwest Trail Use Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Southwest Trail Use Area

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Southwest Area will have a shared trail system for non-motorized trails located on the southwest edges of the Cline Buttes Recreation Area along Innes Market and Fryrear Roads. Most of this area is part of the Peck's Milkvetch Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), designated in 2005 to protect and maintain populations of this rare plant species.

hiking horseback riding biking
  • 34 miles of Shared Use Trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riding

Visitors to this area will find themselves in a generally flat sagebrush steppe and juniper woodland area, dotted with basalt escarpments and several high points that offer scenic views. The relic Columbia Southern irrigation canal system winds through the southern portion of this area. The most notable landscape features in the area are several dry canyons located east of Fryrear Road that have many wildlife viewing possibilities. These canyons have prominent basalt outcrops and walls, and support a diverse plant community that includes Indian ricegrass and mountain mahogany, as well as scattered large ponderosa pine trees. Highway 126 traverses Deep Canyon, located to the north of this area.

Trail Use

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Southwest Area is managed for non-motorized trail use, with hikers, equestrians and mountain bikes sharing most trail routes. Most trails will be maintained and designed for horse use, though hikers and mountain bikes can use them; care should be taken to avoid user conflicts. Many of the trail routes are existing roads, although some new trails are proposed, particularly on hilltops that offer scenic views of the Cascade Mountains.

  • The Southwest Area is a great example of how public and private lands can intermix; staying on designated trails and limiting your travel to approved trail uses is part of being a good neighbor.
  • The Southwest Area is also part of an area managed to protect a listed plant species (Peck's milkvetch); staying on designated trails can help protect this rare natural resource.
  • There is a seasonal closure to all uses in a portion of this area, to protect raptor nest areas.

Fryrear Canyon and the southern portion of Dry Canyon are closed to all OHV use, but available for non-motorized use. OHV use is also not allowed west of Barr Road for approximately 1 mile north of Gerking Market Road (an existing east-west grazing fence is the boundary between the motorized and non-motorized trail use areas).

Resources of Interest

When visiting the Southwest Area, take the time to notice some of the amazing natural resources and views around you. Follow the links below for descriptions of these resources of interest.

Peck's Milkvetch

Birds of Prey

Fractured Land Patterns

Know Before You Go

  • The Southwest Trail Use Area has many private land inholdings. Please respect private property boundaries, fences and gates.
  • Be aware and alert. The area is managed for non-motorized, shared trail use. This requires that trail users keep an eye out for other trail users and share trails. Please follow trail right-of-way rules and give the right-of-way to horseback riders.
  • Staying on designated trails to avoid impacts to sensitive plant species found in the area and follow seasonal trail closure orders to minimize impacts to nesting birds of prey.
  • For more information on trail use and safety, please visit the Etiquette page.

Access and Directions are available here.