Southwest Trail Use Area Access and Directions

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

ATTENTION: The types of use allowed in the Southwest Trail Use Area have changed!!!

Unloading and access by OHVs is no longer allowed at the south end of Barr Road near Gerking Market Road (OHV users should now use the Barr North and Buckhorn Trailheads). This trailhead is now for equestrian, hiking, and mountain bike use only.

Closure of the existing trailhead provided by BLM on State-owned property at Fryrear Road (south of the County transfer station) is also pending. A new, larger parking area will be located approximately one mile south of the transfer station. The new Fryrear Trailhead will have parking available for approximately 12 horse trailers.

Access at the bottom of Deep Canyon on the south side of State Highway 126 will be closed due to consistent trespass and safety issues, with replacement access provided at Barr North Trailhead for motorized trail use and Fryrear Trailhead for non-motorized trail use.

  • A small parking area for non-motorized access is planned at Dusty Loop, about one mile west of Gerking Market Road.
  • Sage Ranch Road is not a public road and crosses private property at Fryrear Road. BLM will seek to provide public non-motorized trail access at this point, but this is dependent on an agreement/easement from the private landowner.
  • The Tumalo Canal Trailhead at the south end of Barr Road will be available for Equestrian, Pedestrian, and Mountain Bike use. OHV access is only provided at the Barr North and Buckhorn Trailheads


The Tumalo Canal Trailhead will be located at the south end of Barr Road. It can be reached by turning west off Cline Falls Highway on Barr Road and driving north for approximately 1.3 to 1.6 miles. Visitors can park at pullouts on the east side of Barr Road (recommended for sedans and non-high clearance vehicles), or continue a short distance past Gerking Market Road and turn left (west) into a dirt parking area off Barr Road.