Cline Buttes - Other Activities

Target Shooting

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The eastern half of the Cline Buttes Recreation Area is closed to target shooting. These lands include all lands east of Barr Road. Please use extreme caution when target shooting in the western half of the recreation area. There are homes built on private land inholdings scattered throughout the area, as well as many bordering residences and a high level of recreation use throughout the area.


Firearm discharge when legally hunting is allowed in most of the recreation area, although the Tumalo Canal Historic Area and the small isolated parcel adjacent to Harper Road are closed to all firearm discharge. Please use extreme caution when target shooting in the recreation area.


Trapping is allowed throughout the area, and is managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Game. In the past, trap lines have been observed in various locations in the recreation area. Please use caution when recreating with your pet; keep them leashed or close by and under voice command whenever possible.

Commercial Use requires a permit

Group/Commercial Uses

Some activities, such as organized group outings with more than 50 participants, and those that are commercial or competitive, require a Special Recreation Permit from the BLM. Once trail systems are developed, Special Recreation Permit requests for trail uses will be considered.


Placement of physical geocaches is not permitted within the 1,011 acre Tumalo Canal Historic Area. BLM administered lands in the remainder of the 50 square mile recreation area are open to geocaching. There are many caches typically located within the Cline Buttes Recreation Area. Please be aware that caches have been placed on private property by mistake, so consult the recreation area map to ensure you are not trespassing or encouraging others to do so. For more information on geocaching on the Prineville District, please see our Geocaching page.