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Maston Trail Use Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Maston Trail Use Area

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Prineville BLM will be managing the 4,100-acre Maston Area with a mostly separated system of mountain bike and equestrian trails, with pedestrian use available on either system. Pedestrian only trails will provide access to the Deschutes River Canyon. The area is closed to public motor vehicle use.

The area is generally flat, with gentle draws and some basalt outcrops. The steep and rugged Deschutes River Canyon is located on the eastern edge of the area. Approximately 1.75 miles of the Deschutes River on public land are included in this area, in four separate stretches.

hiking horseback riding biking
  • 22 miles of Equestrian Trails
  • 20 miles of Mountain Bike Trails
  • 6 miles of Pedestrian Only Trails (pedestrians can use all trails in this area)

The Maston Area lies north of Newcomb Road, east of the Cline Falls Highway and extending north toward Eagle Crest Resort. The Maston Area also includes several parcels of public land east of the Deschutes River and a separate parcel located south of Harper Road.

A primary management goal in the Maston area is to maintain or improve wildlife habitat. Key species of focus in the area are raptors which use the cliffs of the Deschutes River Canyon for nest sites and the Maston area for foraging habitat. The trail system was designed to retain or create large unfragmented patches of habitat to minimize disturbance and provide foraging opportunities for golden eagles and prairie falcons. The eastern portion of this area, including the Jaguar Road section on the east side of the Deschutes River, is closed seasonally to protect nesting raptors. To see a map of our closure areas, please visit: http://www.blm.gov/or/districts/prineville/fire/alerts.php.

Trail Use

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

When construction is complete, the Maston Area will provide designated trails for equestrian and mountain bike users, with pedestrians using either of these as well as several miles of pedestrian only trails within the Deschutes River Canyon. In addition to the designated separate trails, the powerline roads and a limited amount of other trails are designated for shared use. Informal crossings along Cline Falls Highway will be moved to new, safer locations approved by Deschutes County.

To improve wildlife habitat and minimize disturbance of nest sites, the east-central portion of the area has no designated trails. This area is seasonally closed to hiking use off designated trails, with the closure extending to the Jaguar Road access point on the east side of the canyon.

Resources of Interest

When visiting the Maston Area, take the time to notice some of the amazing natural and cultural resources around you. The area has excellent opportunities for viewing ancient juniper, numerous wildlife species, and many historic/cultural sites. Follow the links below for descriptions of these resources of interest.

Juniper Woodland and Sagebrush Steppe

Sensitive Species

Birds of Prey

Early Settlement and Evidence of Human Influence

Know Before You Go

Due to the on-going construction and project implementation going on in the Maston Trail Use area, consider the following:

  • During the next year, trails will be constructed, some trails decommissioned, and signs indicating horse trails versus mountain bike trails will be posted. Please check for updates and information at the trailheads and the BLM website.
  • Access trails into the Deschutes River Canyon are for pedestrian use only.
  • The Jaguar Road river access is closed seasonally to all uses from February 1 to August 31.
  • The red cinder road is no longer open for public motor vehicle use, except for private property access.
  • Plainview Road parallel to the Deschutes River is no longer open for public motor vehicle use, except for private property access.
  • Be aware and alert. Watch for other trail users. For more information on trail use and safety, please visit the Etiquette page.

Access and Directions are available here.