Cline Buttes Frequently Asked Questions

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

Question: I've travelled up to the top of the south butte in the past using the FAA Road that heads west from Cline Falls Highway, about 1 mile north of Newcomb Road. Can I continue to drive, bicycle, walk or ride my horse on this route?

Answer: The FAA Road is not a public road; most of it is located on private property. The first 400 feet of the road east of Cline Falls Highway is located on BLM administered lands, and this portion of the road was closed to public use in 2009. Access will be provided to the buttes on designated trails from the Buttes and Cascade View Trailheads. There is no public access to the FAA road.

Question: I use the area for OHV riding; where can I access the OHV trail system?

Answer: Access to the planned Central Motorized Trail Use Area/OHV trail system will be provided at the Barr North Trailhead (located on the west side of Barr Road and south of State Highway 126) and the Buckhorn Trailhead (located west of Buckhorn Road and north of State Highway 126). These are the only locations where OHV access will be provided.

Question: I've enjoyed taking a trail to the top of the butte from Barr Road; can I still do this?

Answer: Most access routes to the tops of the buttes from Barr Road go through private property. There are very few legal routes from Barr Road to the tops of the buttes. BLM will develop trailheads and marked trails for pedestrian, equestrian and mountain bike access through the few corridors that are legally available for the public. Some of the existing routes to the top of the buttes are creating significant erosion problems and damage to private lands.

Question: What does it mean to have a seasonal closure and what are the closure periods?

Answer: The closures are to protect sensitive wildlife such as nesting raptors or migrating deer and elk. At this time, the closure periods are for golden eagles, which runs from February 1 - August 31, and for Prairie Falcons, which runs from March 15 - August 15.

Trails with seasonal closures are in areas north of Highway 126, Fryrear Canyon, the Deschutes River Canyon, and in Deep and Dry Canyons.