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Cline Buttes Recreation Area Etiquette

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

Visitors to the Cline Buttes Recreation Area can help protect this fragile desert ecosystem by planning their visit and arriving prepared. Knowledge of the trails and use types, weather, terrain, and common sense can help to ensure a safe trip. Trail junctions are generally unsigned at present, so visitors should carry a map and a compass.

The CBRA is a working landscape that represents a broad range of permitted public uses including grazing, mining, irrigation district canals, radio communication towers, federal aviation administration facilities, and many rights-of-way granted for transmission lines and private property access. The recreation area has a very large number of neighbors, some of which live within the boundaries of the area on private land inholdings. Avoiding these areas is legally required and the way to be a good neighbor.

Many areas of past public use or existing routes occur on private property - these areas or routes will not be retained as parking areas or designated trails. Remember that in some cases, the area you may have once used was actually on private land.

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