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Central Motorized Trail Use Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Central Motorized Trail Use Area

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Central Motorized Use Area consists of lands west of Barr Road and north of a grazing allotment fence. It also includes lands north of State Highway 126, and east of Deep Canyon. Trails and play areas will be provided for different classes off-highway vehicles (OHVs), although other trail users can use these trails as well.

The many dispersed staging/parking areas along Barr Road at State Hwy. 126 will be replaced with a developed trailhead south of the highway and west of Barr Road (North Barr Trailhead) and another trailhead located west of Buckhorn Road and north of the highway (Buckhorn Trailhead).

Buckhorn Road is an improved county road that bisects a portion of this area north of State Highway 126.

hiking horseback riding biking
  • 40 miles of all class trails (jeep, quad, and motorcycle)
  • 32 miles of class I, III trails (quad and motorcycle)
  • 18 miles of class III only trails (motorcycle only)

The Central Motorized Use Area lands south of the state highway are an interesting mix of generally flat valley bottom areas surrounded by basalt outcrops and ridges; lands north of the highway are mixed with several canyons on either side of Buckhorn Road. The area includes juniper woodland mixed with more open sagebrush-steppe areas. Approximately 1,200 acres of land north of State Highway 126 on the west side of Buckhorn Canyon have mining claims dating back to the 1980s and about two acres of BLM managed land are mined for a perlite-type material in this area.

Trail Use

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

All trail access to this area will be provided at the Barr North and Buckhorn Trailheads.

The area is managed for motorized trail use, although non-motorized trail uses are also allowed on designated trails. Trail routes will include Deep Canyon and a portion of Dry Canyon. While existing roads form the backbone of the system for all motorized users, a variety of trails for quad and motorcycle riding will be developed, as well as single-track trails for motorcycles only. The trail system will take advantage of topography to offer some sections of technical Class II (jeep) routes, with specific play areas at or near the ODOT Site N rock quarry near Barr Road

Riders should take care to avoid crossing into the private lands located within this area. The southern portion of the OHV trail area is also an area managed to protect a sensitive plant species (Peck's Milkvetch), so staying on designated trails and limiting your travel to approved trail uses is part of being a good neighbor and protecting natural resources .

Resources of Interest

When visiting the Central Motorized Area, take the time to notice some of the amazing natural resources and views around you. Follow the links below for descriptions of these resources of interest.


Historic Roads

Peck's Milkvetch

Fractured Land Patterns

Know Before You Go

  • All classes of OHVs are limited to a 96 decibel sound limit.
  • Access into Deep Canyon from State Highway 126 is closed. Visitors should access the area from the Barr North Trailhead.
  • The northern portion of Dry Canyon is open for motorcycle use, as well as non-motorized use. The southern half of Dry Canyon is only open to non-motorized trail use.
  • For more information on trail use and safety, please visit the Etiquette page.

Access and Directions are available here.