Deep Canyon Trail Use Area Access and Directions

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

Note: Access to this area is being redesigned to avoid trespass on private lands.

Two public access points for hikers and horseback riders are planned for the trail system:

Deep Canyon Trailhead

This trailhead will be located north of State Highway 126, approximately one mile east of Deep Canyon. OHV unloading and access to BLM is not allowed from the Deep Canyon Trailhead, visitors planning to access the OHV trail system should use the planned Buckhorn or North Barr Trailheads instead.

McKenzie Canyon Road Trailhead

The other planned access is off McKenzie Canyon Road and will also be for pedestrian and equestrian use only. The existing roads leading from State Highway 126 will be gated to reduce ingress and egress to the highway at the bottom of the grade and along the passing lanes on the highway.


The area can be accessed directly from State Highway 126, or from McKenzie Canyon Road, which can be reached via State Highway 127 by driving north on Holmes Road. McKenzie Canyon Road is also accessible from the north by using Lower Bridge Road. Currently, visitors should park along McKenzie Canyon Road, or pull off the north side of State Highway 126 at an existing user created road network approximately 1 mile east of Deep Canyon and 2.5 miles west of Buckhorn/Barr Road.