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Buttes Trail Use Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Buttes Trail Use Area

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The Prineville BLM will be managing the Buttes Trail Area (BTA) with a mostly separated system of mountain bike and equestrian trails, with pedestrian use available on either system. Two trailheads are planned for the buttes, in part to provide better separation of uses between horseback riders and mountain bicyclists.

The Buttes Trails Area is located between Barr Road and Cline Falls Highway and includes lower elevation lands adjacent to Eagle Crest Resort as well as higher elevation lands on the Buttes. The Buttes include a significant amount of private and state-owned land, particularly on the southern and northern peaks, and users should avoid recreating on private land without permission from landowners.

hiking horseback riding biking
  • 25 miles of Equestrian Trails
  • 25 miles of Mountain Bike Trails
  • Pedestrians can use all trails in this area

The area is closed to public motor vehicle use except on specific gravel or paved roads. Unauthorized routes cause damage and erosion problems on the steep slopes and fragile soils of the Buttes. Runoff from these unplanned routes can cause significant problems for adjacent landowners. Protect the resources and your ability to use these highly scenic trails by staying on the routes identified for your particular type of use.

Trail Use

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

When complete, the BTA will offer designated trails for equestrian and mountain bike use, while pedestrians may use either trail system or travel cross-country. BLM-managed lands on the BTA are closed to public motor vehicle use, with street legal vehicles allowed on Eagle Blvd., and on the Cline Buttes Rock Pit Road. Existing informal trail crossings of Cline Falls Highway will be relocated to locations reviewed and approved by Deschutes County for signed trail crossings of County Roads.

Mountain bike trails will include routes on the southern butte that have challenging, technical downhill routes, as well as less challenging loops. The trail system will be routed around the northern butte, with a proposed trail link through State land to complete the loop. Equestrian trails will include routes on the middle butte.

Resources of Interest

When visiting the Buttes Area, take the time to notice some of the amazing natural and cultural resources around you. The area has excellent opportunities for viewing ancient juniper, numerous wildlife species, and many historic/cultural sites. Follow the links below for descriptions of these resources of interest.


Birds of Prey

Know Before You Go

  • Many of the routes on the BTA are steep and technical. Be aware of the trail, other users, and your own limitations when riding the area.
  • Always stay on designated trails to minimize erosion and damage on these steep slopes.
  • Most of the land on the Buttes is private property. Please consult maps and be aware of private property boundaries.
  • The Cline Buttes Rock Pit Road is used frequently by gravel trucks. Be aware of truck traffic when using or crossing this road.
  • The FAA and other companies maintain equipment and towers on the middle and south buttes. Be a good neighbor and stay away from these facilities and report any vandalism to the BLM.
  • Portions of the Buttes (both public and private land) are actively grazed. Be aware that cattle may be present on trails, and leave all gates as you find them - either open or closed.
  • Be aware and alert. Watch for other trail users. For more information on trail use and safety, please visit the Etiquette page.

Access and Directions are available here.