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Cline Buttes Recreation Area Oregon/Washington BLM



Cline Buttes Recreation Area

Cline Buttes photo

The 32,000-acre Cline Buttes Recreation Area (CBRA) is centrally located to most Central Oregon communities; five miles east of Sisters, nine miles north of Bend and a short drive west of Redmond. The area is known for its spectacular mix of scenery - from old growth juniper and sagebrush steppe grasslands to ancient lava flows that create rugged canyons along the Deschutes River. Several unique features exist in the area, including the buttes themselves, a deeply incised section of the Deschutes River canyon and relic irrigation canals from the early 1900's Columbia Southern irrigation system.

Area Development

Cline Buttes photo

With the completion of the Cline Buttes Recreation Area Plan, the BLM has started to develop and manage trails in the area to serve a variety of visitors, including off-highway vehicle (OHV) riders, pedestrians, mountain bicyclists and equestrians. Trail development will focus on offering quality experiences for all of these users, although not all uses will occur in the same areas. As trail systems are developed, users will have maps and signed trail systems to define user areas.

Cline Buttes photo

There are approximately 4,650 acres of private land scattered throughout the Cline Buttes Recreation Area. This means that your recreation destination is also the backyard for many of your Central Oregon neighbors. Staying on the designated road and trail system is important not only to reduce impacts to wildlife, soils, and plants - but also to be good neighbor.

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The creation of designated trail systems and use areas is intended to provide quality recreation experiences within the carrying capacity of the land, and to minimize user conflicts. As trail systems and use areas become developed and defined, please follow posted rules and encourage others to do the same. Do your part to be a responsible visitor and good neighbor.