Priest Hole Site Plan Environmental Assessment

We Have Issued the Priest Hole Recreation Site Plan Decision

Priest Hole

We have issued a decision to implement a combination of actions in the Priest Hole Recreation Area located 12 miles northwest of Mitchell, Oregon. All of the actions are designed to improve the recreational experience while protecting wildlife habitat and water quality. After careful analysis and considering public input, BLM decided to implement a scaled-down version of the original proposed action.

As a result, the project will not develop any designated campsites, will not close any roads, and will not add a trash dumpster to the area. We will install a temporary restroom (port-a-potty) while gaining public input on the best location for a permanent vault toilet. Once a site is identified for the permanent toilet, a gravel parking area will be developed to allow pull-through trailer access. The decision also includes modifications for the food and cover crop plots and irrigation for the fields.

We began this process more than two years ago to respond to the complaints that we have received and conversations we've had with the public about use at Priest Hole, along with the maintenance issues raised by our recreation staff. The projects in this EA will help us meet our obligations for protecting the Wild and Scenic River; and improving camping and day-use opportunities, while protecting and improving water quality and human safety.

Any person adversely affected by this decision may appeal to the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Interior Board of Land Appeals (Board) in accordance with the regulations contained in 43 CFR, Part 4 and Form 1842-1 (form available at Prineville BLM) within 30 days from the decision. Only signed, original hard copies of a notice of appeal will be accepted at the Prineville BLM office. A notice of appeal must include a statement of reasons showing that the decision is in error and must be filed with the Board within thirty (30) days after the notice of appeal was filed.