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DOI-BLM-OR-P040-2013-0012-DNA Camp Creek Gabion Removal and Restoration


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Categorical Exclusion DOI-BLM-OR-P040-2013-0012-DNA Planning Completed
The proposed action is to remove and restore the upper gabion (a dam made out of cages of rock that was installed to aggrade than channel upstream from the structure) on Camp Creek that is currently failing due to high flows in spring of 2012 which resulted in undercutting of the structure. During the summer of 2013, the gabion will be completely removed from the floodplain and channel and the channel will be stabilized in order to prevent upstream degradation lowering the channel down to the level below the gabion in a series of small drops. Four cross vanes will be constructed to stabilize the stream channel upstream of the gabion's location. Cross vanes v-shaped rock structures with the point pointed upstream that are used in stream restoration work to help stabilize the stream bed while directing flow towards the middle of the channel. The rock structures will consist of a 0.5 foot drop through the deepest part of the channel and be spaced approximately 35 feet apart. A channel slope of 1.5%, comparable to the channel slope downstream of the gabion, will be constructed between the structures. Prior to construction, a temporary coffer dam will be constructed upstream of the project area and the stream flow will be pumped around the work area to downstream of the project. This will enable the work to be performed in the dry. Oregon spotted frogs are also present at the site and will be captured and relocated before work commences.
Prineville District Office
(541) 416-6700
Resource Area: Prineville DO
Program Areas: Other, Riparian/Aquatic/Fisheries
Download: pdo_dna_2013-0012_121313.pdf
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