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DOI-BLM-OR-P040-2012-0025-CX Hancock Fire Complex Burned Area Rehabilitation Aerial Seeding


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Categorical Exclusion DOI-BLM-OR-P040-2012-0025-CX Planning Completed
Aerial Seeding-Apply seed aerially from a helicopter on 4,000 acres within the burned area of the 2011 Hancock Fire Complex (see attached BAR seeding maps & seed mix reference charts). Aerial seeding operations will avoid major hunting seasons; if avoiding the entire hunting season is not possible it is recommended to avoid operations at the beginning of these seasons. The treatment areas were selected based on pre-fire ecological site condition of fair, topography (slope/aspect), and where moderate to high burn severity locations overlapped within the burn perimeter. Seeding treatments will target upland sites and drainage bottoms, specifically north to northwest slopes where soil moisture is higher and the probability of seed germination is greater. In addition, treatment areas will be focused where expansion of invasive species into native plant communities is likely due to disturbance caused by the fire. Area will be assessed prior to seeding to evaluate recovery of burned native vegetation prior to the treatment occurring. Aerial seeding would be the preferred application method in areas where the terrain is too steep for a rangeland drill to operate.
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Resource Area: Prineville DO
Program Areas: Fire/Fuels
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