Analysis of the Management Situation

john day

The Analysis of the Management Situation (AMS) is the first step in this process. The purpose of the AMS is:

  • To summarize the existing conditions of the planning area
  • To explain the need for change by identifying preliminary issues
  • To identify management opportunities

Analysis of Management Situation (AMS) Corrections

  1. Map 11 Sutton Mountain Transportation map incorrectly shows a road across private land as open to the public.

    The link to the image below displays the portion of the road that was incorrectly displayed as open on Map 11. The red line parallels the road not open to public.

    In addition, a road displayed as closed on map 11 is open seasonally. A green line highlights this relevant section of road.

    This small road network, west of the John Day River and North of State Highway 218, is closed for the first 10 days of pheasant season.

    Map 11 Correction

  2. Table 18 on page 202 of the AMS incorrectly displays the number of individual comments received. The table indicated 455 while the correct number is 809.
  3. Figure 40 on page 203 which lists the number of comments by resource category incorrectly indicates approximately 140 comments regarding access. The correct number should indicate about 320 comments.