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  JDRMP Redband Trout (Native Rainbow) Distribution Line

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  • Each feature class or feature dataset is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83 unless otherwise noted


This dataset contains fish distribution and activity of Oregon resident Redband Trout within the geographic area depicted by the John Day Basin third field hydrologic unit boundary (HUC). These data describe areas of suitable habitat believed to be used (currently and historically) by wild, natural, and/or hatchery fish populations. The term "currently" is defined as within the past five reproductive cycles. See the 'USETYPE' field description to differentiate between current and historic distribution. This information is based on the observations and best professional judgment of ODFW staff biologists and where possible, the observations and professional opinions of staff from other natural resource entities. Due to natural variations in run size, water conditions, or other environmental factors, some areas displayed may not be used by a species of fish on an annual basis. Streams that have no data associated with them are considered UNKNOWN for species presence and/or absence. To date, the acquisition of resident trout distribution data has been incidental to the collection of anadromous salmon and steelhead habitat distribution. For this reason, the trout data presented here should in no way be considered comprehensive for the entire anadromous zone. The usetypes represented in the attribute table are subject to change when suitable definitions for resident fish habitat use are agreed upon within the scope of this project. Documentation information (e.g. mapped fish survey locations) currently exists and can be located under the "Observations/Sightings" heading at http://osu.orst.edu/dept/nrimp/information/index.htm. There are a limited number of cases where documented observation extends above (upstream of) the distribution data. Based on a preliminary review, NRIMP has decided not to extend the distribution data for these records pending more thorough evaluation of each individual case. For example, the documentation record may be based on a ground measurement, such as 'rivermile,' which doesn't translate accurately into the GIS. The ground measures, in particular for streams of significant length, can sometimes be greater than the GIS measures that are built into the stream route system.


The intended use of this dataset was to map resident Oregon Redband Trout distribution for analysis in the John Day Resource Management Plan in a variety of applications where fish distribution and activity was important.

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July 17th, 2013