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  • Each feature class or feature dataset is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83 unless otherwise noted


This dataset contains barriers to fish passage that potentially affect anadromous and/or resident fish migration within the geographic area depicted by the John Day Basin 3rd field hydrologic unit boundary. The following barrier types are included: dams, culverts, falls, cascade/gradient/velocity, hatchery facility-related, tide gate, debris jam, water diversion and insufficient flow. Data from the jointly developed, ODFW / ODOT State and County Culvert Inventory database were recently integrated into this dataset. The passage status for many of the barriers is unknown due to potential effects on species and/or life stages where little information exists at this time. Consequently, many of these barriers may be completely passable to most if not all the species and life stages that have a need to migrate through the affected stream reach. General information on the passability of barriers can be found in the primary attribute table of the dataset. If a barrier has an unknown passage status and it exists within the current distribution of an anadromous species, it can be assumed that it is at least partially passable based on the best professional judgment of ODFW and other biologists (until proven otherwise). As the understanding of the passage conditions at each of these barriers improves over time the information within the related fish passage table will be updated. Dams have recently been integrated into this dataset.


The intended use of this dataset was for analysis in the John Day Resource Management Plan, to identify geographic locations of barriers that may impede or block the migration of anadromous and resident fish species.

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July 17th, 2013