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  • Each feature class or feature dataset is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83 unless otherwise noted


This dataset contains watercourses within the geographic area depicted by the aquatic boundary in the John Day Resource Management Plan. The Hydro Stream layer consists of stream, canal, flume, pipeline and other linear hydrographic feature centerlines. Where these features (especially streams) are represented as double lined features at the source scale they are represented in this layer by their centerline. Streams that flow through water bodies such as lakes and reservoirs are also represented by a centerline. Attributes related to analysis of aquatic resources were added to the original stream attribute table and geometry.


The intended use of this dataset was for analysis where aquatic resources were important in the John Day Resource Management Plan. Attributes were added to the original dataset to provide information about 'PFC', 'Rosgen', 'Slope Class', and fish species activity and use. "Properly Functioning Conditions" represent habitat conditions that would allow all populations to exist in a healthy, self-sustaining condition. Properly functioning conditions create and sustain over time the physical and biological characteristics that are essential to conservation of the species, whether important for spawning, breeding, rearing, migration or other functions. The basics of the Rosgen classification system include a widely-used method for classifying streams and rivers based on common patterns of channel morphology. The slope ranges of the stream were derived from digital elevation models and 20 ft. contour intervals. Information about the fish species present in the area of interest, and the activity and use of the fish species was also included. The original dataset was derived from the Washington and Oregon Framework Hydrography data and the standard system used to identify the states' surface water. The system was developed to provide a standard for referencing surface water bodies and watercourses, and to provide a vehicle for cross-referencing existing surface water data between agencies and groups in both GIS and tabular formats.

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July 17th, 2013