BLM Maupin Section Foreman's House (Depot House Historic Site)

BLM Maupin Section Foreman's House (Depot House Historic Site)

After years of limited maintenance, the Section Foreman's House is on track for upgrades! The Section Foreman's House, known as the Depot House, is located 1/2 mile upriver from Maupin, Oregon on the east bank of the Lower Deschutes River.

The Section Foreman's House was constructed in 1910 by the Des Chutes Railroad Company, a subsidiary of the Union Pacific Railroad. It is a standard railroad design, commonly used at the time for housing in hot, arid climates.

The restoration of this historic building is made possible through deferred maintenance funding and a coordinated effort between the BLM and its partners. These efforts will ensure the project will have no adverse effect on the building's eligibility for the National Registry of Historic Places.

Currently, the BLM has awarded the contract to All-Ways Construction from Hubbard, Oregon for the Maupin Section Forman's House rehabilitation. All-Ways is teaming up with Gerding Companies, Inc. from Corvallis, Oregon, who will perform the Historic Restoration portion of the work. After a pre-construction meeting in early February, construction is expected to start and run until the end of June.

The restoration of the original building will:

  • Restore original finishes
  • Retain and restore original windows
  • Retain Union Pacific colors on exterior
  • Replace siding with in-kind horizontal siding

Restoring the structure and bringing the building and the property up to code means completing a variety of work, including:

  • Replacing wiring; adding a heating/cooling system
  • Reconstructing the foundation to sup-port the structure and deck
  • Providing an ADA restroom by modifying a portion of the kitchen and bathroom wall
  • Installing new utility lines
  • Adding new insulation
  • Replacing the flooring throughout the house.

Preparing for future visitors, the BLM will also add parking for employees, a van accessible ADA spot, and spots for vehicles with trailers and passenger vehicles. When complete, the building will offer river information and act as an interpretive site for the history of the railroad on the Lower Deschutes River (expected by the 2014 river season).