Central Oregon Fire Management Service

The Central Oregon Fire Management Service (COFMS) area includes the Deschutes National Forest, the Ochoco National Forest, the Crooked River National Grassland, and the Prineville District BLM. These four units are managed cooperatively under combined leadership, with decision makers from both agencies.

The COFMS boundary has been divided into four planning units called Divisions to facilitate fire suppression and fire management activities. Although the areas work together to complete projects and suppress fires, each Division has its own leadership and staff. COFMS also has a central dispatching facility that serves as a communications hub for fire and fuels operations, as well as for safety and training issues.

COFMS Divisions

Cascades and Newberry Divisions Map

Cascades and Newberry Divisions

(C) Cascade Division
FMO Mark Rapp, 541-549-7640(W); 541-480-8051(C)
North AFMO Daryl Davis, 541-549-7646(W); 541-419-5273(C)
AFMO South Kevin Stock, 541-383-5670(W); 541-410-2415(C)

(N) Newberry Division
FMO Doug Johnson, 541-383-4747(W); 541-280-4798(C)
AFMO North Dave Robertson, 541-383-5667(W); 541-408-1363(C)
AFMO South Jeff Bishop, 541-433-3271(W); 541-480-1361(C)

Rivers Division Map

Rivers Division

Rivers Division
FMO Alex Robertson, 541-416-6748(W); 541-777-0256(C)
AFMO North Don Tschida, 541-416-6871(W); 541-480-3357(C)
AFMO South Brent Meisinger, 541-416-6869(W); 541-610-3180(C)

Prairie Division Map

Prairie Division

Prairie Division
FMO Kevin Donham, 541-416-6421(W); 541-480-3284(C)
AFMO Jim Valentine, 541-416-6428(W); 541-408-1892(C)

To Report a Wildfire: Call 911 or 1-800-314-2560