Timber Mountain OHV Area

Cyclist at Timber Mountain

The Timber Mountain Recreation Management Area (RMA) is located on BLM administered lands intermingled with privately owned lands. Off-highway vehicle enthusiasts have used this area for about 40 years and use has increased in recent years. The network of trails in the area has developed as a result of many years of OHV use and passive management of the area.

The OHV Area is located 30 minutes west of Medford and offers many trails of varying skill levels for OHV enthusiasts. The area is a combination of Public Lands and private lands and currently has no marked boundaries. Environmentally responsible use is a must in this popular area. Riders are asked to stay on developed trails and respect the natural ecosystems present in the area.

For additional information, visit the Timber Mountain OHV Area opportunity page.


Timber Mountain OHV Area

Map shows road access, public and private land ownerships, the planning boundary, and emergency closure areas.

How Can You Tread Lightly?

Looking south down China Gulch Jeep Rd.

The future of your riding opportunities depends on YOU! Protect your right to ride. Respect the land, the wildlife, and the rights of others. Please ride responsibly and Tread Lightly.

  • Use it, but don't abuse it.
  • Save any high impact riding for designated play areas.
  • Stay out of streams, meadows, and other sensitive areas.
  • Make sure your equipment is legal.
  • Stay on the open routes.
  • Do not hot rod through campgrounds.
  • Do not ride through the camps of others.
  • Do not ride on private land without permission.
  • Do not spook horses, cattle, or wildlife.
  • Educate yourself and others about the rules for riding in each area.
  • Leave no trace- pack out what you pack in.

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