Medford Advisory Council Members Oregon/Washington BLM



Medford Advisory Council Members

All appointments expire 9/30/2006
Category 1 - Representing organized labor, developed and commercial outdoor recreation, off highway vehicles users, energy and mineral development interests, commercial timber industry or hold federal grazing permits or other land permits within the area for which the committee is organized.
Name Appointment Category of Interest
Billy Gene Bowling Member Off-Highway Vehicle
John D Hilkey Member Organized Labor
Rauno K Perttu Member Energy/Mineral Development
Daniel W Ratty Member Organized Labor
David R Schott Member Commercial Timber
Charles Roger Bruce Alternate Grazing Permittee
Scott M Grissom Alternate Energy and Minerals
Category 2 - Representing national, regional or local environmental organizations, dispersed recreational activities, archeological and historical interests or nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups.
Name Appointment Category of Interest
David L Graham Member Regional Environmental
Philip C Lang Member Dispersed Recreation
Vernon L Pew Member Dispersed Recreation
Sandra J Schaffer Member Regional Environmental
Molly O Sullivan Member National Environmental Interests
Charles B Davis Alternate Dispersed Recreation
Hans F Stroo Alternate Regional Environmental
Category 3 - Hold state, county or local elected office, represent American Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the committee is organized, school officials or teachers or represent the affected public at large.
Name Appointment Category of Interest
John W Elliott Member Elected Official
Harriet H Harris Member Public-at-Large
V. James Kolen Member Elected Official
Frank A Lang Member School Teacher
Richard C Smith Member Public-at-Large
Ian C Lance Alternate Public-at-Large
Vacant Alternate