Mountain of the Rogue Trail Project

Mountain of the Rogue Trail Project

The Bureau of Land Management has evaluated and approved the development of the first phase of a nonmotorized trail system on BLM lands southeast of the town of Rogue River, Oregon. The Mountain of the Rogue Trail will expand recreation opportunities for mountain bikers and hikers in the Rogue River Valley. Phase 1 actions include construction of 10 miles of trails and a trailhead parking area and installation of fencing and informational, directional, and interpretive signs.

In 2010, the BLM was approached by a local group, Rogue River Area Trail Stewards (Rogue RATS), interested in developing mountain biking trails near Rogue River. Subsequent meetings and field trips between the Rogue RATS and the BLM resulted in the selection of the present location. The BLM received a formal project proposal from Rogue RATS with suggested trail locations that will be constructed in phases as funding becomes available.


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How You Can Be Involved

It takes a village to build and maintain a trail!

If you would like to help the Rogue RATS with any part of this trail—construction, donations, volunteering, etc.—please contact Trish Lindaman and she will pass it along to the Rogue RATS.

Contact Us

Mail or in Person

Medford District BLM Office
Butte Falls Resource Area (Attention: Trish Lindaman or Nick McDaniel)
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504


Butte Falls Resource Area Field Manager
Jon Raby

Project Leads
Trish Lindaman (541-618-2391) or Nick McDaniel (541-618-2427)


BLM_OR_MD_Mail@blm.gov (include "Attention: Trish Lindaman" or "Attention: Nick McDaniel" in the subject line)