Middle Applegate Watershed Pilot (Medford)

"All of the tools are at our disposal. All of the key players are at the table. All of the factors are right. Now it's time for us to get to work and find a way to provide timber for harvest and habitat for the conservation of Federally listed species."
—BLM Director Bob Abbey at the Dialogue on BLM Western Oregon Forest Issues, Wednesday, December 8th

The Middle Applegate Watershed Pilot is a restoration forestry project involving the Medford District, the Applegate Partnership, the Southern Oregon Small Diameter Collaborative, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, and others. Informed by the results of the collaborative Applegate Fire Learning Network's landscape assessments and multiple values mapping, a project was identified and nominated by local collaborative groups to the Secretary of the Interior for consideration as a landscape level restoration pilot. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar designated this pilot to demonstrate landscape restoration of dry Douglas-fir forests featuring the approach developed by Drs. Jerry Franklin and Norm Johnson to be located in the Medford District.

Secretary Salazar Forestry Video

In October 2010, U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar visited southwest Oregon to meet with the Counties, industry, and conservation organizations to discuss concerns related to logging on federal forest lands in western Oregon. This video details the highlights from the visit.

Forestry Pilot Projects

Following up on the December 8, 2010 meeting in Washington, D.C. the BLM committed to immediately develop action plans for both the Roseburg Pilot Project and the Middle Applegate Watershed Pilot Project. Throughout 2011, the BLM, along with Drs. Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin, held a series of public meetings, workshops, and field trips to discuss the pilot projects and learn more about the principles of ecological forestry. In February 2012, the BLM released a report regarding the Drs. Johnson and Franklin's observations about the Forestry Pilot Projects.


Since the beginning of the Secretarial Pilot Projects last December, there have been many constructive benchmarks that we have recognized and posted to this site. The BLM is now fully immersed in the planning efforts associated with these projects. Now, because the project milestones are more infrequent, we will be posting monthly updates rather than weekly. Pertinent information and documents regarding the pilots will continue to be posted to this site as they become available, so continue checking for news. Thank you for your interest in the pilot project, and be sure to keep this page bookmarked for future updates.