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Recreational Opportunities - Something for Everyone Oregon/Washington BLM



Recreational Opportunities - Something for Everyone

Rafters on the Upper Klamath River

The land within the Lakeview District ranges from mountains, wetlands to desert high country. Along with a diverse landscape, this area brings a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

Whatever your interests are, you'll find it here.

Watchable Wildlife Auto Tour—Spend a peaceful day viewing wildlife at nine different sites in the Gerber Reservoir area or along Abert Lake north of Lakeview. A wide variety of birds migrate through the area. Antelope, deer, elk and many other mammals are found roaming the area throughout the summer.

Whitewater Rafting—Experience the excitement of thundering rapids on the mighty upper Klamath River. This Wild and Scenic River has some of the best whitewater in the northwest. Although a technically difficult river, there are a number of permitted outfitters to guide you safely for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Contact the Klamath Falls Resource Area office for a listing of permitted rafting outfitters at 541-883-6916.

Fishing—Besides its tremendous whitewater, the upper Klamath River is also known for its excellent trout fishing. You can fly fish along the rocky banks of the river, or try out the fishing platform at BLM's Topsy Recreation Site. It's a great place for catching bass and is completely accessible for people who are physically challenged.

Winter Fun—Hamaker Mountain, located near the town of Keno, offers cross-country skiing on logging trails. Snowmobilers can enjoy fresh powder snow on Surveyor Mountain or the groomed Pederson snowmobile trail.

Mountain Biking—Explore the past and enjoy the beauty of the Klamath River Canyon on Topsy Road, an old stagecoach route. The road, while open to vehicles, receives light use. It's condition hasn't changed much since it was constructed more than 100 years ago. Watch the season change from the spectacular views found along logging trails on Hamaker Mountain.

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV)—Explore Lake Counties Volcanic past and enjoy the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes. The dunes are the largest inland shifting sand dune system in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. This area offers a variety of activities including OHV use, hiking, sightseeing, photography, and camping.

Volcanic Exploration—The Devils Garden in Northern Lake County is a 45 square mile late Pleistocene to very early Holocene basalt flow and showcase of different varieties of recent volcanic landforms. Designated as a Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in the 1980s, the Devils Garden basalt flow is a collection of thin, primarily pahoehoe lava flows that originated from two different vent areas. Derrick Cave is the largest of the intact lava tube segments although many other smaller caves can be found near the main lava tube system, particularly in the Derrick Cave area. A few miles to the east is Crack in the Ground which is a volcanic fissure over two miles long and up to 70 feet waiting to be explored.