Lakeview Resource Management Plan Amendment


Welcome to the website for the Lakeview Resource Management Plan Amendment. We hope this website will help you stay up-to-date on the amendment effort and provide information about how you can be involved in the process. We appreciate your participation.

The Lakeview District of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently begun the process of preparing an amendment to the Lakeview Resource Management Plan (RMP). The Record of Decision for this RMP was signed in November 2003. The primary issues that are defining this amendment process relate to updating wilderness characteristic inventories for public lands outside of existing wilderness study areas, off-road vehicle use on public lands, and livestock grazing on public lands.

If you have any comments or issues you'd like to tell us about, please send your comments to BLM_OR_LV_Mailbox@blm.gov or view the contact page.

This website will be updated periodically, so we encourage everyone to use this as source for information throughout the amendment process.

Scoping and Consultation

Public scoping and tribal consultation regarding the primary issues have been initiated. For further information click on the links below.

Planning Area Maps

The maps display the Lakeview Resource Management Plan Amendment boundary.  These maps depict the overall planning area within the State of Oregon and general land status within the planning area.

Supporting Documents

The following documents supplement or support this planning effort.

Inventory and Data Updates

In preparation for the plan amendment analysis, the BLM is in the process of updating many resource data inventories including but not limited to: roads and trails, caves, fire history, recreation, vegetation, special status wildlife habitat, allotment and pasture boundaries, and wilderness character. These data are stored in the BLM’s geographic information system (GIS) and can be downloaded here.

The results of the wilderness character inventory are also available for review.