BLMís Involvement in Klamath Basin Restoration Efforts

The BLM is an active participant on the Technical Management Team and a Cooperating Agency for the Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Review on the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, including the Secretarial Determination on Whether to Remove Four Dams on the Klamath River in Oregon and California.

The BLM manages land and resources in the Klamath Basin that would be directly and indirectly impacted by the project. Those impacts are as follows:

  • several of the PacifiCorp facilities supporting power generation at the J.C. Boyle Dam site are on lands managed by the BLM under the terms of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license,
  • whitewater rafting outfitters have BLM permits to operate in the challenging whitewater below the powerhouse,
  • the river below the J.C. Boyle Dam powerhouse to the California border is managed jointly with the state of Oregon under the nationís Wild and Scenic River Act,
  • the river from the border of California and Oregon to the slackwater of Copco Reservoir has been studied and found to be eligible and suitable for designation under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act,
  • there is an Area of Environmental Concern which includes about 5,000 acres along 11 miles of the river in the Klamath River canyon in Oregon, and
  • the showcase Wood River Wetlands restoration project encompasses about 3,000 acres on the north shore of Agency Lake in the upper Klamath Basin above Klamath Lake.

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