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Steens Rim Run & Walk Oregon/Washington BLM



Steens Rim Run & Walk

Rim Run

The Annual Steens Rim Run & Walk – better known as the "Rim Run" – is a race unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest. With its high elevation, stunning views and scenery, unpredictable climate, and near-steady climb from start to finish, the Rim Run brings a whole new meaning to "challenging 10K." Each year, the first Saturday in August, nearly 200 participants make the trek out to remote Steens Mountain in southeast Oregon for the race.

The Rim Run began in 1983 when local Mary Otley decided "the Steens would be a great place to have a road run." Otley gathered a few dozen participants for the first race and began a tradition spanning over a quarter century to date. Another local, Gordon Black, kept the race going from 1984 through the remainder of the decade, gathering more participants each year and changing the course in its third season. In its first two years, the race ended at the Wildhorse parking area. Now, finishers have a tough climb at the end, crossing the finish line just below Steens Summit at the East Rim Overlook. In 1987, the Rim Run became the "Chris Miller Memorial Steens Rim Run & Walk" in honor of a local teen who loved running and Steens Mountain in ample, equal doses. Miller's parents Gary and Jill took over planning and coordination of the event around 1990 and have recently passed the leadership to son Nick and daughter Mandi.

The Rim Run continues to be a favorite 10K for racers across the U.S. Couples, families, running clubs, friends, singles, and many others look forward to the race every year – many seeking a new challenge with true high elevation running, several out for the exercise and great scenery, and still dozens of "regulars" here to support the Millers and the memory of Chris. Come join us!

Course Description

The race starts on the Steens Mountain Loop Road near Jackman Park Campground and finishes at the East Rim Overlook. The 10K course follows the east rim of the Steens Mountain, passing the headwaters of both Fish Creek and the Little Blitzen. As you run along the rim's edge, a number of high mountain views will make the run a memorable experience. The race offers a tremendous challenge starting at an elevation of 7,835 feet and finishing above 9,700 feet.

Directions to Race Location

From Burns, take State Highway 78 southeast for approximately 2 miles. Turn right onto State Highway 205 and travel south for 60 miles to Frenchglen, Oregon. Just past Frenchglen, turn left onto the Steens Mountain Loop Road. Follow the Loop Road for approximately 19 miles to the parking area at the starting line, just past Jackman Park Campground.

For additional information and race registration visit www.steensrimrun.com.


Photos courtesy of Ruthie Miller and In His Image Photography.

Rim Run photo
Rim Run photo
Rim Run photo
Rim Run photo
Rim Run photo
Rim Run photo