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The Burns District is located in southeastern Oregon, extending from the Oregon-Nevada border on the south into the Blue Mountains on the north, a distance of nearly 200 miles. There are over 3.36 million acres of public land and it is divided into two Resource Areas: Three Rivers Resource Area, roughly 1.68 million acres in the northern portion of the District; and Andrews Resource Area, 1.68 million acres of public land in the south. Within the District boundary there are also large areas of private, other Federal and State lands.

Attractions and Recreation Opportunities

Bird Watching on BLM Lands


Many activities take place in the District. Camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, sightseeing, rock hounding, snowmobiling, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking are some of the recreational activities that draw visitors from every state and other countries annually. Special use activities occur by permit. These activities include commercial pack and guided trips, tours, organized off-highway vehicle events, running camps, equestrian endurance races, and competitive and/or large group events. Utility corridors, access roads, timber haul roads, and similar land uses are permitted through issuance of rights-of-way and/or temporary conveyances to facilitate public needs.

Detailed Map

To better visualize the extent of our District and the public lands we manage, look at this detailed map that shows major public lands, major roads and the boundary of both our District and Resource Areas.

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